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Hey guys,

Sorry we’ve been away for a while…math meets and the flu have kept us both very busy this week. We will come back with bang this weekend with two recipes – one savory, one sweet – to make up for it, we promise!

In the mean time, check out these gorgeous cupcakes from Jessica at How Sweet Eats!

–S and S


Hi everyone,

So we figured you stumbled upon us on a random search. That or you’re one of the few people who know us in person. Either way, welcome to our digital home! We are a sister and brother who, along with the regular sibling-ish stuff, love to cook and bake. Our hobby brings us together (except for when we argue about what to make, but let’s skip over that for now) in our kitchen, that is sometimes cluttered with us running over each other – hence the title, Krowded Kitchen. (Umm, you may be wondering about the excessive alliteration. WordPress already had Crowded Kitchen registered. Sorry, don’t mean to be kitschy.)¬†

We started taking pictures of what we made – like a catalog almost – when our Dad gave us the idea to start a blog. We hope that you’ll find great recipes, creative photography, and even some humor here. We both are looking forward to updating this blog as often as we can. We’re ardent fans of the kitchen, the Boston Celtics, and dessert. We hate vegetables, the Lakers, and each other. (Just kidding! Kind of.) Hope you’ll stop by often!

Yours in sweet and savory,
Sruthi and Susanth